Data Mining

sloder4It is often a pity when interesting data lie idle in the company or when such data is only processed by creating several charts and graphs in Excel. Data mining is a process of obtaining interesting but up to this point unknown information from your data.

  • Emphasis on practical commercial use of our data mining findings by the client
  • Good knowledge of the marketing background of the project within data mining
  • De-duplication and data scrubbing – processing your data for better use in data mining
  • Customer segmentation – classification of customers into homogenous groups according to their purchasing behaviour
  • Shopping basket analysis – we will find out what products customers buy together
  • Customer value analysis – each customer is assigned a value expressing their anticipated future profitability

The methods we use also include: decision trees, logistic regression, factor analysis, correspondence analysis, neural networks, correlations, time series.

Who are our data mining services designed for? All companies that collect data through their company processes and need to get as much information from the data as possible. Furthermore, companies that want to know the needs of their customers and that want to be able to optimally target their marketing communication on the customer.


We will be happy to meet with you to discuss the possibilities of solving your problems and to take care of other interesting projects.