Statistics and Data Processing

sloder5The subject matter of data processing is to objectively and comprehensibly describe facts that conceal data. Quality statistical processing often uncovers secrets that are not visible in an initial superficial analysis. The need for professional statistical processing grows with the current fast development of specialized statistical software.

  • Statistics and data processing within commercial projects
  • Statistics and data processing within scientific and clinical studies
  • Statistics and data processing within marketing studies
  • Statistical consultations for businesses
  • Training in the ABCs of statistics and data mining in SPSS, Statistica, R, Statgraphics, Excel, NCSS
  • Cooperation in proposing the correct methodology for statistical projects
  • Good orientation in the field of biological and medical knowledge

Who are our services designed for? Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and research institutes; Companies dealing with market research, media organisations, marketing and PR companies, government sphere and anyone who deals with data processing and statistics in their work.

What statistical methods do we use? Correlation analysis, regression analysis, contingency tables, analysis of variance (ANOVA), factor analysis, cluster analysis, correspondence analysis, time-series analysis, one-sample t-test, two-sample t-test, paired t-test, non-parametrical tests… and many other effective and interesting methods.


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